Normal Draft MMR - Too High for Trying New Roles/Champs

My MMR in Normal Draft has gone into the mid silver and lower gold area because I've been abusing Nocturne in the jungle. Now, I realize this is low ELO for most of you, but for me.... I'm more like bronze 6 or 7. So now, I want to try Katarina for the first time, and I want to try mid lane for one of my first times. I'm new to both the lane and the champ. First of all, I'm going to feed my butt off. Secondly, I'm going to feed my butt off so much that I'll probably get banned. I'm so fearful about this that I created a new account. But then I realized that the new leveling system sucks. So..... should I just go in Normal Draft and get flamed to death? I mean, really.... I'm about to ruin so many people's games. Have you ever been in this situation? Any advice?
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