The Most TIlting thing about the Forums

There's always always always at least 1 person (minimum) who no matter the suggestion someone puts out they say something like "Oh yeah like we really need more (fill in hyperbole)" Also "They already Have (fill in something random) they don't need (whatever)" It's so weird that those 2 particular themes of feedback are so present and so uncreative. That's honestly the biggest problem with feedback or opinions, there is always some douche who has no creativity at all just lurking on the forums to say 1 of those 2 phrases in some way. Almost forgot about the last one "Instead of doing what you think is good, ppl should fix (insert random champ / ability / item) instead" That last one is tilting because it's like putting up a imaginary scenario where Riot (or any Company or person) has a Gun to their head and just HAS to pick one or the other, never both or something completely different. I wish ppl could think for themselves and not be so 1 dimensional. Everything is not some all or nothing scenario and from what I've seen that's the most tilting thing with Posting on these Forums or I suppose that's just the internet{{sticker:sg-zephyr}}
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