Worst ranked game I've played ever. I feel like uninstalling. Need help/advice.

https://imgur.com/yTUUH3t I'm extremely demoralized after the ranked game I just played. I consider myself extremely skilled with Zyra, I've been playing her for years. ( this isn't my main account ) I usually go Zyra support, but everyone's been bragging about how great mages are these days, I figured I'd give her a whirl in mid lane after I practiced her mid in a few norms. So I queued up for this ranked game, and it was literally the definition of hell. I faced a fizz mid, who was able to turret dive me and kill me at level 3, and walk away. I wasn't even safe at my turret because he would just dive and then do that dodge flip move where he can't be focused. His damage output was insane. While this was happening, the enemy jungle kayn came over and did the exact same thing to me, tower dove me, I summoned my plants like an idiot, kayn did the invulnerable/unfocusable skill and my plants just stood there while I get obliterated. My team flamed me the entire game and I have never felt so worthless and bad in a single game of league of legends EVER. So here's my question, how could I have played this differently? i'm really upset at myself for going 1/8/3. I felt completely helpless. My plants couldn't focus fizz or Kayn the entire game because they just spammed the moves where they're un-targetable. I got to the point where I couldn't even leave base. Meanwhile the fizz on the enemy team was laughing at me saying how bad I was, and honestly, this did hurt my feelings because I take a lot of pride into the way I play zyra, and I couldn't believe how hard he was destroying me. I feel like just uninstalling the game completely right now.
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