My expectations arent that high for new champions or reworks.

Riot Games, I really really do hope that any upcoming champions that are new or reworked dont have their entire kit changed within less than a year. Seriously. I've said it before and I will continue to say it again and again. Please release a new or reworked champion that you whole-heartedly think that their individual kits will actually reflect their champion spotlight for at least a year. Change is inevitable, but it's sad and annoying when the champion you once couldnt wait to play ends up being lame to play as if you wanted a quick cash grab. I'm honestly surprised that {{champion:142}} dodged the bullet but I'm couldnt be happier. {{champion:136}} has seen better days but I don't think he's unplayable. I'm not a big fan of his recent changes so here's to hoping they revert it. Then you get shit like {{champion:84}} and {{champion:39}} and it's just a complete joke. I want this new adc to hit it out of the park but actually retain it's kit without too big of changes for at least a year.

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