Not Enough CS?

So I got an A+ on the previous game I played. I went 22/1/5. I believe I did most physical damage. I actually had 15 kills before my only death. The only real reason I can see it possibly not being an S- is maybe my CS. I had 131 CS, and the game was 23:53 long. Isn't it 100 CS every 10 minutes? I can see myself slacking a bit for that instance, however. We got all turrets, and inhibs. I also got 2 drakes during game. So I was wondering what everyone else thought about what I should improve on? Could my vision score be killing that score? It was a super short game so I think I laid down maybe 5 wards which is pretty low I suppose. But I also didn't really need them due to the other team feeding me so bad. My vision score was 8, while my support who got an S- only had 10. [STATISTICS IMAGE]( CHAMPION PLAYED: {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}

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