The new rewards suck.

Before patch 7.22 I used to be able to rake up 1100 plus ip in around 10 games maybe even more than that counting the first victory boost, now in order to get any sort of reward for my time (and tilt) i have to play 10 plus games and IF im lucky it willl be enough to level up and get a ramdom stupid capsule. The past 2 levels ive gotten 2 caps with 745 BE.....for the amount of games i played thats literaly nothing, i started playing from 10 pm and just stoped now at 9:47 am, played about 25-30 games for bs, oh and did i mention that to get any exp worth your time you have to win the match? cuase you do. Lose and you get barely half. Id have enough IP by now to buy the champs i want if it wasent for this garbage and over all the tilt dosent match the reward and feels more like a shore to level up rather than actual fun. Anyway thats my opinion on it, your entitled to your own or it might just be my luck but on top of all the toxic bs , the tilt and now being forced to level up to get shitty rewards? f that. if enything id say this is so people get inpatient end buy rp. F that.
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