According to Zed....'re cheating if you don't build only recommended items and in the order in which Riot placed them. *Zed dies in a 1v1* Zed: "Enjoy your ban" Vi (me): "What for? Out playing you?" Zed: "Cheating" Veigar: "LOOOOOOOOL" Vi: "The hell you talking about?" Zed: "You bought Guardian Angel and it's not your last item, the rules say you can only buy it as last item" Vi: "Zed, I don't care about your silly rules, this is ranked and I here to win" Zed: "They aren't my rules, they are Riot's rules and you broke them, enjoy your ban cheater" Note: He did not break my GA in that 1v1, he ulted me, I Q him as he lands, ult him back and he dies. Tho technically, even by his rules I wasn't cheating as we won right after so I didn't got buy other items thus making it my last item.
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