Why can't Riot move to a fully transparent MMR ranked system?

Basically the title. I know a new post is made everyday about how bad current ranked system is so why are we holding on to it like a heroin addict with his stolen opioids? Just use a flat MMR range that corresponds to a rank. No more garbage promos, no more initial placements at a rank nowhere near your true MMR, no more mysterious LP loss and gains at a certain rank, no more playing with players two tiers above your current rank, no more BS. Riot currently uses this MMR system. (and correct me if i am wrong displayed your MMR in earlier seasons) They don't need to create anything. If you took a poll I would bet a paycheck over 75% of the player population would agree the current ranked system needs to be changed in some way. Honestly its just not fun to grind the current ranked ladder as it stands now. Matchmaking is confusing and has too many obstacles. Is a flat MMR system perfect, no but it is 100% better than the current garbage system we have now. Thanks for your time.
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