Sanguine Blade is SCARY

I know it has just been hotfixed. But this item scares me. The concept of this item seems just so ridiculous and game breaking. It can only be taken by certain champions which makes it unfair if you don't play one who can take advantage of it. I can only imagine it making some champions unable to defend against in 1v1 just because of that one item. Imagine having to send 2 team mates just to deal with a split pushing Tryndamere that has this item just because no one can 1v1 him with that item. This would make the rest of your team fight for objectives in a 3v4. For the top lane, it could be built on Tryndamere, Jax, Fiora, Kled, Yasuo, Kayle, Irelia, Quinn, Vayne which are already super oppressive and dominant champions in the right hands. Who wouldn't want to see any of these champs become even more dominant? Imagine playing Mordekaiser against one of them, your ult becomes useless because you probably DON'T want to be stuck in a 1v1 with someone who has this item. I am scared it makes the meta shift into something like: If only your champ can take advantage of Sanguine Blade, then it is a meta champ. I know the pre-season just started and this item already received a nerf but it scares me nonetheless. Hopefully I am wrong.
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