Boards: "I want champion diversity...

...but not in my lane" Seeing all these "remove mages from top, remove ranged from top, remove Tahm from top, remove X from Y, etc....and I don't know what to think.....laugh or cry? When bot lane had diversity, ADC mains were required to play some different match-ups, and while there's no denying that some of the strongest laners at that time were non-ADC champs, but Marksmen themselves were still playable and the most played class in the role still, but the ADC mains were the most vocal because they weren't the best anymore. At one point, Sion mid was meta in higher elos, and even nowadays, when someone counter picks a Zed (he's the only Assassin I see in mid lane, excluding like the 2 Kats and 1 Talon) with a tank, the Zed will cry that Tanks shouldn't be allowed mid. Not too long ago I saw "remove ADCs from jungle", more specifically Twitch and Kai'sa. Now we have top lane where bruiser mains cry that they want mages and other ranged top laners out of "their" lane, but why is it that in the past, when tanks were the best class for that lane, mages and ranged champs were barely seen top? Because the CC from a tank coupled with a jungler was a kill on the squishy enemy, while the mage/ranged couldn't really kill the tanks that easily, and it's still happening now, but much rarely as outside of mains, barely anyone is playing Tanks. But do you know what these mages and ranged champs counter? Bruisers, that's what, and since Bruisers are the most played top laners....why not make it easy on yourself? Bruisers never cared that they ruin the fun for Tanks, so why should Mages care that they are ruining the fun for Bruiser? All these things show us that while yes, many players want a diverse pool of viable champions and strategies, they want that as long as it's not in their lane/jungle. If it's there, it's the most toxic and bad and [insert whatever here] thing that ever happened in the history of the game as X lane is just for Y class and no-one else is allowed to play in it, the balance team has no idea what they are doing, blame CertainlyT and the bot lane for not being able to carry you, and most importantly, it's the jungler's fault.
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