On my way to Urfwick! (150k BE grind)

I started League just over a year ago now, and I immediately fell in love with Warwick due to his incredible character design (rework, not prework) and his simple yet fun mechanics! It felt great terrorising the other team, watching them die with a sliver of health when you find them recalling in a bush, or running at 500 mph to chase a low-health enemy down (it still does). Warwick was also the first champion I managed to get a Pentakill on (and so far, the only champ...) and the first I got to Mastery 7. I've got the majority of his skins! Unfortunately, when I hit honour 5, I didn't get his Grey skin (instead I got the Twitch one, which sucked because I rarely play Twitch anymore). But that does leave one more skin left, which is his Urfwick. I know that I won't be able to get the original, which will bug me because I won't truly have _all_ of his skins. But I'll know in my heart that it's all I can do to complete the collection for my favourite champion. And so begins the grind to 150k BE, the only possible way to get the Urfwick skin, from the BE emporium! I currently stand at a balance of 8999 BE, and I will not be spending any more until I get the Urfwick skin. It will be incredibly tedious, but I will get there! I plan to update this thread occasionally to share my progress, and I plan to rise a level every day to make sure my efforts aren't gone to waste. I hope it doesn't take me too long. Wish me luck!
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