I’m so tired of “it’s your fault you’re in low elo”... Maybe give advice instead of having an ego?

Players can and have bad games, hell, I just went 0/7 on Cait cause’ the enemy lane I was against simply did better than me... but that doesn’t define me as a completely poor player. Often times, I’ll compare my stats on champions I play to other ranks (gold, plat, etc.) and I notice how several champs I play statistically reach higher elos. (Vision/KDA/CC Score/Gold, etc.) I hear “it’s your fault you are in your elo” to much and quite frankly I find this wrong. I’ll take ownership for where I screw up but to state “it’s your fault” every game I lose is quite honestly insulting. I can’t control someone diamond, smurfing for a player/duo... I can’t control someone afking/rage quitting/client fails... and I certainly can’t control someone intentionally feeding and/or assisting the enemy team. I wish there was someway to see the percentage of how frequent these things occur so that I can show these “high elo” players with big heads that it’s not just cause’ they are “better”, but respectively cause’ they are lucky. Now my questions are, how do I make my gameplay better beyond “being positive” in a game? How do I take a hold on games with allies who are doing everything they can to lose me the game? How can I turn unbalanced scores (3 Vs 27 for example) into balanced scores? Who do I play that is ultimately going to be able to carry me beyond the point of my allies gameplay or trolling?
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