My favorite thing about League of Legends

I play quite consistenly, and my rank isnt anything special. In fact, I was silver only a few months ago. I was just gonna talk about why ranking up feels good. I used to think the mentality where all I want to do is go up in rank is quite negative and unrealistic, and thats true. However, I came to realize why I love it so much. Every few months after playing consistently I tend to find that I have improved to a point where I can go up 2-3 divisions without trying, and then I typically hover around there for a while. And every time this happens, I feel the difficulty and skill level of players around me increase. It's exciting and refreshing to go from games where its coinflip on whether I win or not due to teammates (i understand this is a theory) to a rank where I legitimately get smashed by every laner i meet. It makes it a lot easier to see my mistakes and its sooo refreshing and feels like a whole new game to me.

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