Even after the rework, Tibbers is still instant

Riot, is there a real, sensible reason why Annie throwing Tibbers is a bad idea from a gameplay perspective? Double the range. Even triple it. As long as I can see it coming, I'm happy. Hell, Annie's still fully capable of Flash W for an instant AoE stun if she's allowed close enough. While the iconic flash tibbers may be gone, the actual play pattern will remain in situations where it would be stronger than a longer-range stunbear. This idea has been repeatedly suggested by the community ever since the cinematic where Annie very clearly threw her teddy bear into the air, which transformed into Tibbers mid-flight. Tibbers' current entrance is literally to just appear out of the ground like a fiery teddy bear zombie. I have zero doubt that a thrown Tibbers would be more fun, more fair, and better looking.
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