Why the LP system can change and how it can change

Ok picture this: you are in a ranked game and you just generally have good team mates and have good communication good warding good map control and you win. That is the big dream of every ranked game and some do go that way. Meanwhile other game are filled with flamers and unskilled players who don't listen to pings even after the whole team pings that one person they don't listen and they get caught out. So long story short most of your games will be the ladder of the two and because of this one person or two people you now have lost a whole games worth of LP. So League of Legends is a team based game so why should one player make the whole team lose the game and the progress toward their next rank when it is A TEAM BASED GAME. Now that we have that aside lets talk about how riot could make there LP system better. 1.More LP per-win perks: so this means the ladder will be more rewarding and less harsh when you lose so say 30 LP per game won and 15 per loss this will allow for people who are better than their placed division to climb easier and people who are sub par drop normally. Now how does this help the one feeder or one troll problem, so people who are stuck in "ELO Hell" can climb with a couple loses Downsides: bad players can climb to higher ELO with a less than 1:1 win loss ratio, and therefore placing you with bad players still so it doesn't really solve the problem and more puts one of the 99 cent store band-aids on the problem 2.When enough people report a person for feeding/playing bad/trolling/etc no LP loss Perks: honorable players will be able to prevent losses that were "not just" and thus making climbing the ladder that much easier Downside: It is pretty obvious how people could abuse it your team is just playing overall bad and got beaten fair and square your team just reports one person and get the 0 LP reduction 3 .AFK and Bug Splat detection This one requires a little explanation so when someone rage quits, has to leave, or has to help mom unload a ridiculous amount of food from the store the client detects it and gives you a zero LP reduction yet the person who went AFK still loses LP Perks: This method is almost none abuse-able. it helps people from getting -15 to - 20 LP for no reason Downside: RIOT may have a hard time creating a system like this. People who have no control over leaving or going AFK such as the wifi shutting down will still lose LP, if you are in a duo you can if you are losing "take one for the team" and AFK 4.reconstruct the LP system entirely This has no down sides or Perk because I have no idea what would replace the LP system other then a single player focused grading system, but how would you grade that.... wards placed no i could just buy a ss and spam wards in the base, kills no then supports wont get any LP, kill+assist no because people can just not play OBJ or even have the goal of winning and basically play how many kills can you get Thanks for taking the time to read this is you did and please up vote and lets try to bring this problem to RIOTs eyes From your fellow summoner Firemylasar

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