The State of Tahm Kench

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It feels like ever since they changed Tahm's passive stacking, he's been virtually unplayed. As an pre-nerf Tahm player, my first few games with his adjusted kit felt absolutely awful. He can't compete with most other champions top lane anymore and as a support, he's a bit of a joke. Even current nerfed Yuumi is more viable than him. Taking away An Acquired Taste stacking on his Q was a pretty "bruh" moment and it doesn't seem like Riot is willing to touch him to fix the issue. To my knowledge as well, pro players have spoken about this situation: they think the nerf was too great. I feel like a solution to the Unbenched Kench was to shift some of his Q numbers early, not gut the catfish entirely. Every time I remember Tahm exists, it just makes me sad. I used to LOVE playing as him! His outplays with his W and being able to save allies in certain situations added so much to a team fight, but I just don't see him every really coming back until they revert the changes they made half a year ago. Their excuse for remaking Galio was because his playrate was around 3%... so how are they justifying Tahm's terrible 1%? Feel free to share your thoughts as well if you also were a Tahm player--or even if you hated him!
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