Ahri rework suggestion from an Ahri player and also someone who loses to Ahri constantly

{{champion:103}} *Don't you trust me?* Right now, Ahri is in a little bit of a tough spot. Riot has decided that she belongs in the Roaming Mage category with Taliyah and Aurelion Sol, but her pushing power is low, her kill potential is gated by her ability to land poke (which more often than not is just your opponent's ability to dodge and space themselves), and Foxfire feels a little bit stupid. On the other side of the coin, if you are braindead like me and can't dodge Orb of Deception or respect her burst, Ahri can dominate your lane. It can be frustrating to walk into 3 Qs and then have her go in for a free kill. These proposed changes would turn Ahri into the Cassiopeia of burst mages. Sustain, chase, kite, skill, damage, and the ability to turn on an enemy who wants to kill her. {{champion:103}} Passive - Essence Theft: Now deals a percentage of the enemy's missing health as damage when applied. Healing slightly reduced to compensate. Q - Orb of Deception: Now moves at a fixed distance from Ahri. Instead of tossing the Orb to a specified location and then having it return to Ahri's location, the Orb will move based on what Ahri does. Run forward? Orb will reach further. Run backwards? Orb will flee with you. Flash? Ult? Ghost? You can extend the range of the Orb of Deception and use Essence Theft's missing health damage to pick off a low-health enemy. This might be a difficult concept to understand, but imagine how live Q works. You press Q and the orb will move to a fixed point, then return to you. This new change would cause the orb to move to a point that is a fixed distance from Ahri, instead of a fixed point on the ground. So if Ahri moves right or left, the point at which the orb begins its return will also move. W - Foxfire: Now applies to Ahri's next instance of damage instead of locking onto essentially random targets. If Essence Theft is at 6 charges before Foxfire is applied to an ability, though, it will only charge Essence Theft, not apply it. E - Charm: Essence Theft's damage is doubled against a Charmed enemy. {{champion:103}} Ahri's gameplay fantasy is of a highly mechanical champion who gets kills in lane and becomes a monstrous immortal goddess. I don't think there's a single Ahri player out there who wants to mindlessly clear waves for 30 minutes. Ahri players want to be poking, fighting, and taunting as early as possible so that they can hit their late game spike as early as possible. But beyond this "I want to be killing people" mentality, there's also a sense of tricking, deceiving, and outplaying your opponent. In much the same way as Leblanc, Ahri is an assassin-mage who lives for huge charms and sick outplays. Having Orb of Deception move with Ahri gives her two new skill dimensions: positioning and Essence Theft management. These changes increase both her kill potential in lane and her ability to express the player's personal skill on the champion - not to mention her ability to kill people late game drastically increases. I hated the Land Charm Get Kill Ahri gameplay just as much as I hate Fizz's Land Fish Get Kill gameplay. It doesn't feel fair for either party. It's hard to control whether or not you get hit by a skillshot {{champion:103}} Let me know what you think about these changes. I think it's a cool way to make Ahri more skillful without making her reliant on landing a skillshot.
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