Looking To Transition From Support to Top

any recommendations for champions? When playing support I mained champions like Lux, Nami, sometimes Thresh, Soraka. I've been trying to learn Rakan and Thresh more lately so I can get better at being aggro since mage supports felt really squishy. I found Poppy support fun, blitzcrank and tank champs fun as well. I wanna be able to carry in future games, since as support I find it difficult. Any recommendations for carry-heavy and tank top champions that are beginner-friendly? And give your tips to a fellow top rookie. don't worry ranked peoples i'll practice it on pbe i don't wanna ruin your games either (Ranged or melee welcome) (preferably something other than {{champion:86}} {{champion:122}} ) also tips on how to improve and learn trading? I lose lane in the times i do play top, even when I'm against matchups that I'm supposedly good against. Is this a matter of training?

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