Is this game really about CARRYING or is it about if your team WANTS to be CARRIED?

This isnt a QQ thread or anything of the sort but I'm referring to this specific game right here Could someone explain to me what I could have done in this situation where 4 other members of my team were basically feeding harder than the red cross in Africa? This is excluding the fact that everyone but the Thresh wasn't realising that they were making stupid decisions and flaming each other for dumb reasons. What I as a player did this game. * Secured objectives (Way more than the jungler did, its almost like he had no idea that dragon or baron existed) * Killed each and every laner that my allies were struggling with (Even though they ended up flashing into 1v3s and dying) * Pushed down mid lane till inhib after acing team (This is where the Lux began pinging me saying that me and the jungler pushing to the inhib was bad and we shoulda went for T1 top turret. * Tried my ABSOLUTE best to calm everyone down and basically even got on my knees and begged them to stop making dumb plays At one point in the game the Thresh even realized that the players on our team were playing worse than bronze players. Also to me it really seemed like the fact that I was carrying them didnt sit well with them either, its almost like they'd rather lose than be carried by someone. I've seen this common trend within all my Draven games where players will either see that I'm POPPING OFF and decide to chill and let me carry them, or see you doing gods work and want to be useful so they try to take the spotlight from you which ends up costing the game. It's like being carried hurts their pride or something, even I'm not that big of a degenerate and I PLAY DRAVEN. If someone is doing insanely well and helping other lanes pop off, I'd just sit back and wait for my victory screen. These players would rather have a gray screen for 20 minutes of the 30 minute game they play and lose 20 LP instead of gain 20 LP. Is this game really about CARRYING or is it about if your team WANTS to be CARRIED?
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