Struggling Earning an S or S+ for ADC

I love playing adc so much and it's typically my main role. I am VERYYYY frustrated though because I feel like I always get S- all the time with Xayah. I am doing pretty well on cs and kda, but as for warding, I struggle with that. I try hard to put down many wards and destroy many wards, but yet it's never good enough for even an S. How do I improve? How many wards should I be placing and destroying? I'm just so upset because I seriously dont know how to get my rank 7. It feels like I'm stuck at rank 6 and I can only get S and S+ on stupid arams with her. Tbh, I also just want to prove to my boyfriend that I am good. He knows I am decent already, but I just want to impress him as well. Maybe I sound dumb, but I would love to hear everyone's advice. Thank you so much <3
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