Can someone tell me why Malphite has never been a priority in terms of rework ?

I mean Just look at this : does it look like a modern visual for a champion ? look at the artwork ? Isn't there any problem ? This champion has been like this since the beginning. Moreover Riot just destroyed his polyvalant abilities. When riot removed his old w passive (splash damage autos and and W active increased physical damage) riot just killed malphite jungle and killed its ability to be a bruiser and to fight other bruisers. Malphite current passive is good however its a bad passive compared to the actual state of the game. His W doesn't help during the fights like in the past it's just focused on farming. I mean malphite has still point and click on q. his abilities make him dependant on his ult. A malphite without ult isn't useful which should not be the case. Bring back malphite potential to be a bruiser and to jungle. Finally uptdate his passive and PLEASE update those potato VIsuals... Meanwhile riot develops tons of high polygon skins new game modes new characters but still leaves old champions in this state...
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