Gold funneling should be removed from Twisted Treeline

I have no clue if this post will ever be seen by anyone with power to affect things, but I have to try. So, me and my friends have reached our "peak" in League. I'm diamond 1 and very close to reaching master, but the game isn't fun to play at that level anymore. It feels more like a job than a hobby, and while I will squeeze my way to master, I've already decided that it'll be my final goal. Regardless, it's not fun anymore, it's just super tryhard as you have to be aware of junglers and wards and cooldowns and everything. Twisted Treeline changed this for us. It keeps the mechanical and teamwork aspect of League just fine, but it's much less... Stressy. No need to fight for the vision and track the jungler perfectly, and there are only three guys whose cooldowns you need to remember and who you need to be aware of. It's also much easier to gather three friends to play with than five, so it's easier to just go "chill play" with your friends. We've had insanely much fun for the past few weeks (months?), and have climbed to diamond during this time. Especially now that it's gotten more competitive in diamond, it's just insanely fun to play around the three of you and have those 3v3 and 2v2 mechanical skirmish battles all the time. I've literally never had this much fun playing League, and it's almost become a part of our daily routine. But then we faced funneling. No more fighting, no more mechanics, no more teamfights. Just afk farming for 20 minutes after which a super farmed Olaf deletes all of us while unable to be CC'd or killed (thanks Taric). There's no real interaction, we've figured that the best way to defeat them is to fight them early 3v3 in their own jungle and "snowball" the game before they scale. But this goes back to the original point: it's not fun anymore. Funneling was removed from 5v5 in a matter of weeks, how can it still be an issue in 3v3 after months or even years? I understand that Twisted Treeline is not Riot's priority, but I'm not asking for a full rework, just fix the funneling and it'll be fun again.
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