I am quiting top lane!

When I started this game 3 years ago I played top lane and I play it to this day. I hit 300th game of this season today,at 280 games I had 56% win rate,now I have 49%. I am on losing streak for 5 days now. Here are things that suck about top lane and why am i quitting it. You get camped a lot and if you tilt you will lose the game. No matter how fed you are you can't carry if their adc is fed. You relay to much on your jungler. Also biggest reason I am quitting is because Viktor top lane meta. I see people that pick Viktor,Ryze,Lissandra,Veigar on top as people who tried every normal top laner but suck at it and they decided "oh why not play champion that has ap,who's autoattack is stronger and gives him shield after he hits a spell,that has stun which after it stuns you pulls you right in center of circle,and I will win every game with that champion". Just think id have more control in game and that I will be more usefull as a mid laner or jungler than a top laner who is still laning in 25 minute mark with score 0/1/0 (killed by a gank). Goodbye top lane I had a lot of good times with you...
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