Mordekaiser's ult makes him a really unfun champion to play against

Yeah, his ult is a cool concept, and it fits well into his kit as a bruiser/tank, but it's not fun for anyone on the opposite side of the team at all because it just lasts for so long. For the victim of Mordekaiser's ult, it really feels like there isn't much that can be done to outplay him since it's almost impossible to juke him out for 7 seconds in such a confined space. I don't think it's reasonable to assume that squishies like adcs or supports will be able to kill morde no matter how well they play because his kit is just so much better for 1-on-1 fighting. I personally think there was nothing wrong with his pre-rework ult, so I think if it was brought back, we'd be better off.
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