Things That Tilt Your ADC

Well i read some guy write ''things that tilt your support'' and the whole thread was just basicaly slamming on ADC's. Oh you think you are special. Lemme throw my 2 cents in 1. When i leave you the cannon minion and you fail the relic. 2. When you hit a thresh hook. I doesn't mean that if you double cast it. That it will be a guaranteed kill. Expecially if the enemy has around 50% hp and is under a tower. Not every Thresh hook you hit is an engage :) 3. when we leash Red/Blue and move to lane. Why the fuck are you taking the longer route to go to bot. Now you will be a few xp behind witch means their bot can get lvl2 faster while you are still lvl1 4. When you buy ardent censer but have a Jhin as your adc 5. THIS IS THE WORST ONE BY FAR. When your supports puts a ward in the tribush. And the enemy jungler goes to destroy it. The support gets his spider sense and switches his route going to the tribush to save his control ward. And then he dies for risking his life...for a damn control ward. Seriously???. And if i were to follow him to save his little control ward. Chances are the enemy bot will corner us from behind. So whats ur excuse now. 6. When supports don't buy lense 7. When you don't put trust into your adc. The enemy has 50 hp. The adc can just hit one basic and is more likely to catch him. But you just feel the need to kill him to ahem ''secure'' the kill. Even if ur adc was able to get to him and kill him. 8. When supps choose to roam in the worst possible moment. Like when the bot tower is around 30%hp and you think ''i might go mid'' 9. When supps fail to ult. This is by far the most tilting. Lets say rengar ults so you stand by ur janna. And the supps have a reaction time of zero. The janna ults after rengar jumps on you instead to ult him while he is in air to prevent him to kill ur adc. 10. Flash hook fails. 11. When you pick a Lux,Zyra,Vel support with no tanks in the team pick. 12. when you play against a soraka pick. And you don't take ignite. 13. When janna players shield the tower instead of you. 14. When you take Coin instead of relic on Thresh. But with a litle bit of thinking. You can get enough CD through runes... 15. When you use your Tahm Kench ult to throw us in the middle of their team killing us both instantly. 16. When Alistar players fail their W Q combo. 17. When you pick Rakan and tell me ''pick xayah'' but i don't have her. So you already start being tilted for no reason. 18. When Adc's first pick Kalista. And the support after that picks a Lux,Janna,Soraka,Zyra... Instead of a Tank. 19. When Zillean throws his bomb at you. And you decide to walk towards me. IN CONCLUSION: Not everyone is perfect. And anyone can make mistakes. And that's why we all improve everyday. But for those hypocrites who always blame the ADC when clearly the support does fails too is really not something to argue about.

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