If I won the lottery and bought Tencent out....

First things I would do to make this pos of a game would be: * Delete the abominations called Pyke and Neeko * Revert Galio's rework * Revert Runes Reforged and bring back the better, older runes and mastery pages * Hire a balance team that will actually balance effectively and not piss people off with poor decision making * Order the skins team to finally give champions skins who haven't gotten a skin in YEARS the priority over their money making pets (Lux, Ahri, Ezreal, etc). Too bad the current Riot right now won't fix these problems. Instead they are all focused on their own ways to make more $$$ and won't listen to the players who actually give constructive feedback. -Nice downvoting me people. Just watch as your beloved game keeps falling into the pit and eventually will be nothing if it continues to go down this path. Might as well upvote people who know what needs to be done and get Riots attention.

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