Forcing me to ban is annoying and pointless

I queued up for ranked and get into queue. Gonna pick my usual "none" pick and then i see Aatrox in its place. Now this is just gonna be a rant but I'm gonna lay down my truthful thoughts regarding this. **"Not banning anything gives the enemy an advantage"** No it doesn't. Especially when you want me to ban someone *just because*. This just shows the extremely poor critical thinking skills of the average league player is. I don't ban any one because I want to play against everyone. The only thing that banning off of your, the person complaining, whim is that it gives _you_ piece of mind. Basically it gives you an excuse to not be toxic. Which is pathetic. Any champ that they have access to our team has access to. So no, it doesn't work like that. **"At least give someone else the ban"** This isn't communism. Just because I'm not using something doesn't mean I want to give it away. Me not using it COULD be exactly how I want to use it. I want more range. I don't care about low elo players complaints because all they ever do is go to, watch high elo streams and deduce that those specific champions with the high winrate or that gave that YouTuber or streamer issues is going to be OP in their games. I do not give two shits who care is op. We are both bronze/silver so chances are whatever logic you used is full of shit and probably and if you do feed consistently to this suddenly OP champion _you_ are probably the issue and i'd rather you dodge. You aren't friggin _entitled_ to _my_ ban. If I ban/banned none it was no reason for you to become a toxic a-hole and start to tilt the team. **"But X is so OP how can you leave them open"** I'm telling you if I was banning anyone I'd rather ban these low elo killers because you consistently feed against them rather than the flavor of the month. **"What good reason do you have for banning none?"** If I have to ban the OP picks to climb that just means I'm not really better than the people in that elo so I don't deserve to climb. The Iron Man philosophy paraphrased. It makes pregame is extremely simple when you can't accidentally ban your own or your teammates pick. **"Well haha, jokes on you. It's removed so in the end we win"** No... not at all. By removing none all you did was make me have to go back to what I was doing before: Troll banning. {{champion:427}} {{champion:268}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:48}} are all pretty good options that I'm pretty sure have a pretty low likely hood of actually affecting the game. This was always an option. The "none" option is just more e So what do I want you to get from this semi-rant post? Complaining to Riot that someone used a feature that was put in the game, being toxic because people don't use that feature on you and tilting your teammates because of that is entitled behavior. Every patch, every nerf request every QQ every insult at riot. I hated the playerbase (or at the least the boards) for acting like spoiled children but when you actually get pissy at me for not wanting to play the game how you want to, in a way that does not inhibit your experience then your more or less dead to me. Let me just put what I need to say bluntly. Most of you players than whine are less intelligent and mature than you think you are :/ and you're probably gonna be the death of this game. Not riot.
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