@Riot Here's an Idea I think everyone will love: Training Rooms

A game mode of "Training Rooms". Solo player bot training regimes designed to focus on something specific with a target, and end point. It will have "Target" goals to reach for different ranks, like C, B, A, S, tell you how well you did depending on what it is, with a chance to retry, in which it will show you how well you did on the second attempt compared to the first. While also giving tips if possible. I think this would be a great way for players to practice things at their own pace, and see how well they are actually doing. Example: CS Training Room. You choose any champion you want, and it spawns you in an empty lane, with minions. You have "target" cs per minute to get rated for. After 3-4 minutes it stops, and tells you how many you missed, how well you cs'd, and gives tips of possible. (Basic normal gameplay tips to help with csing, etc.) Simple but effective. Other possible rooms. - Jungle Clearing efficiency/Speed - CSing (like above) - Baron Smiting. (How close to perfect you can get on smiting the baron. Very important when a team fight is going on around baron that an enemy jungler is trying to steal.) There could be more advanced ones, which I honestly think Riot should look into, they would require actual bots programmed to them to help players practice, but I honestly think it would be a good thing. - Csing while dealing with a "lane bully" champion. (AI focuses more on poking the player than csing, but tries to do both. Player job is to try to get as much cs as possible without dieing). - Jungle Clearing while dealing with an invading enemy jungler. - Target Jungle efficiency: (CSing Jungle quickly while either killing or pushing enemy champions out of lanes). -Team fight proficiency: (This one would be VERY specific setups, but would basically be super helpful for new players. Where it sets up a pre made teamfight, lets the player fight it out. Then tells the player how well he did for target focusing, and target decisions, as well as damage done, damage taken, etc, damage mitigated, etc... Example: Player focused the leona tank in front of them, while instead they could of focused a far less tanky, but higher threat champ. This could be easily known depending on what Npc took the most damage from the player. Because the fight would be 100% pre made, and pre determined by the developers, they could easily script an explanation of what the player should of done. THen let them re do it to see the difference, of how much more it helped. This would require a pre determined champion for the player to play as, but would still help greatly in teaching players proper target decision making.. Something I see even high elo players struggle with.)

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