Current Jungle Problems and PLEASE NERF ASSASSINS

How Riot RUINED the Jungle and What NEEDS to CHANGE? | Skill Capped
Learn about How Jungle Got into its Current State and What to Fix! SUPPORT US: Subscribe: Video Description: Today we review the history of the jungle from season 1, season 2, season 3, season 4, season 5, season 6, season 7, season 8 and with what we think should change now we're in season 9 to fix the state of Jungle in League of Legends.
^Pretty much everything. We're now back to Season 1 guys. Hyper aggressive junglers meanwhile farming junglers are useless. All you could do is to wish that your laners don't die if you're not playing a hyper aggressive jungler. Also, imo, Riot should definitely **balance around solo queues, not pro scenes.** Gold, plat, or diamond, but not eSport players. Like, Rengar is always a huge problem in solos but you'll never see him in pro plays! And you won't nerf him cause of that, meanwhile, he's about to rape my mom after raping my team. All these assassin champs are huge since people in solo queues have no ideas of how to play against them. A good assassin can just snowball and apply so much pressure. There's no counterplays against a fed assassin. Look at Katarina, Talon, Akali, they have so much success even in high elo like Master+. Have you seen Talon / Katarina in pro scenes a lot? How about Rengar? How are we supposed to play solo queue when half my team is dead? Oh, hi, ROAR, Caitlyn and Morgana deleted. Is this fair?
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