Aatox QoL that will help him

Some things that will help {{champion:266}} 1. E should be able to be rapid fired with both stacks, or swapped to only having 1 more meaningful impact 2. E should also be an AA reset cuz it feels really bad to dash in and then have to wait 2 seconds to actually AA 3. Q should have a faster cast speed, it is way to hard to land for how small the sweetspots are 4. E-Q needs some adjustment to be more respondsive, the E feels like it waits for a specific part of the Q animation in order to go off, making it feel like there is a sortof "lockout" making the combo feel clunkier 5. Higher base stats, #hashinshin, no but for real man is WAY to squishy 6. Passive should have its CD (or partial CD) refunded for using it to last hit minions properly, so that it is up for a trade, its not like {{champion:78}} where you can use it from a safe range, {{champion:266}} has to walk up to you and pull minion aggro to use this, yet it does less damage than {{champion:86}} Q.
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