The other item I want removed..

The one item I want removed alongside the items getting removed in S10, would easily have to be {{item:3124}} Now I gotta say, I used to love this item. I used to be a Kog main back in the day and this item was so nice to have. However as time has gone one, it's shown itself to be as problematic as {{item:3161}} is. What I mean is, in the hands of specific champions they can completely abuse it for an insanely high power spike early on once it's finished. Champions that come to mind are {{champion:11}} , {{champion:145}} , {{champion:67}} . Yi: Although he's not extremely high tier, he's extremely obnoxious when he's played due to how fast he can attack and how quickly he can burst out true damage with his passive + guinsoos combined. Vayne: A lot of people will say this is a niche item on her, however I think it's mandatory for her in top lane and makes it completely hell for champions trying to duel her. Kai: She's one of the most obvious examples of abuse as her passive is strong by itself, she happily benefits off the passive and the stats, and she can stack extremely easy. My proposal is either: A. Remove it, I'd miss it but it's really too strong. B. Revert it, take it back to the old AoE damage and balance it around that. My reasoning for that would be that the Devourer passive is way too strong when it was initially designed to be a crawl to stack but a giant powerspike once you managed to upgrade it. Now however, buy it and profit.

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