If you are going to make this sort of video. At least change the unforgiving meta.

Tilted Fables: The History and Lore of the Four Tilt Types
What's your Tilt Type? Take the quiz and meet the types: https://tilttypes.riotgames.com In this ancient and mysterious tale recently unearthed by Riot Player Support, we learn the origins of four mythical figures representing the many aspects of a universal gaming experience: tilt.
We literally cannot tell if our ally is "just losing" or straight out inting with the current snowball and JG gankfest that requires no farm. VIsion is lower than previous seasons so map dominance is really hard to reclaim. The current views of this game is that games end at the 15 min mark and people get "trapped" in until their nexus explode at 24 mins. Bounty systems punish carrying players so it benefits "the weakest link" of the enemy team and articifuially even out the matchup. (I literally adjusted my playstyle heavily to try to NOT get a bounty on my head) I have the highest winrate I achieved on my main champion, Yet I feel like I have no agency compared to previous seasons. (And I'm playing Malzahar. One of the champions with the highest agencies in the whole game) Fix your damn game before you make these sort of videos. It's not going to change anything when your gaming environment is so flawed that people panic in despair and have no chance of a comeback. Also your player behaviour system also is flawed since it fails to ban people who "doesn't speak" and bans people who calls it out instead. Thank you Lyte your legacy still lives on after you got kicked out,
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