I honestly think it's time for ekko and jhin to just be removed.

It's obvious now, even if you love playing ekko or hate him or dont mind him, you can't deny the fact that hes not a champion that can be balanced. AP ekko was extremely strong, His blink would honestly erase almost any squishy champion. He becomes tank ekko and boom massive balance issues, Starts mixing the bruiser builds and his ratios have to be decreased almost every single patch. Boom now we have AD ekko. This champ is not something that can be fixed. He needs to have something **completely** removed from his kit. Listen. This isnt a rant this is a honest balance issue the whole community is having with ekko. Riot, You need to remove something from him. Not numbers. You have to blast through his tankiness and go through his GA and his Ult and any shields he receives, He literally consumes so much resources for one champion. As for Jhin.... Anyone with a braincell in their brain should know by now that Jhins ult was made for executing people for having low health, Not 100-0ing squishy champions and able to 1v1 near anyone because his burst is so incredibly high.... I dont think i know one sane person that can say Jhin is balanced.
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