What champion would be good with the new Klepto?

As you probably already know, riot is reworking (or did rework) Klepto. Which basically does this: Periodically grants a single use of another random keystone. cooldown after using is 6 seconds (8 if you're ranged) and when you don't use the keystone given for 2 minutes, it will change to another (won't reroll when in combat). Meaning you can get a free Summon Aery, Arcane Comet, Phase Rush, Electrocute, Predator, Hail of Blades, Press the Attack, Fleet Footwork, Conqueror, Lethal Tempo, Glacial Augment, Unsealed Spellbook, Grasp of Undying, Aftershock, and Guardian. The only rune that won't be included is Dark Harvest. I don't know if it's the only one that won't be included but that's as far as i can say. I don't know what to say about this, but it's probably the most RNG thing I have ever seen, even more than TFT. Get good keystones, and you'll be an overloaded mess in laning phase. Get useless keystones and you'll have a hell of a time in laning phase. What do you think of this? Edit: So if this rework is a bad idea to an extent that it's literally useless, it would be very unwise for riot to even release it. I myself don't even think it's a good idea.
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