One reason why the gameplay isn't satisfying anymore

Back when I played league in the earlier seasons, there was a lot of carry potential and people carrying teams. It really promoted the idea for players to play well because if you are really good while 9 others are goof balls, you can hard carry and win. It was the reward for playing well and having great outplay mechanics. This idea always made the game worth playing even knowing that you will lose sometimes because with every loss, you can learn something from that and improve. That's how I always looked at games after losing and it would make me feel better and motivated to keep on going. But now, it feels like it doesn't matter how good you are at the game individually. I get it, it's a team game. But it feels like doing a really great job means nothing if your team is clowning around or makes terrible choices that cost the game. It feels more like, you do better if everyone plays mediocre but decent rather than you play exceptional while the other four are bad. This makes the game lose an important part that compelled me to play. It was the part where I could always improve on losses. It doesn't feel that way because it feels like there is nothing I can do to improve. If you have 4 teammates feeding or disconnecting or just making terrible choices left to right, it doesn't matter how much you alone imrpove. That improvement doesn't shine like it did back then with solo carry potential. Now, it just feels like you are completely helpless and there's not point in improving. Sure, a bit of improvement here and there helps, but ultimately, you winning or losing all depends on your team and not you. Now with every loss, there is nothing really to learn. It's just if you were lucky or not on whether you win or lose. At least, that's how it feels for me.
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