My opinion on Stacking Champions

I understand Riot has a Graph of 4 Sections where they determine if Champion gets nerfed or Buffed. But I like to ask the community if this is healthy for the Game. Nasus: Stacks, if he falls behind and his team is able to stable the game for Nasus to Stack for Mid-Late Game. * Nasus can Stack, an Build quite into tanky Champion after Tri-Force is Completed * Become unreasonable to deal with if he able to recover from Terrible Early Game Veigar: Stacks from Minions and Landing his abilities on Enemy Champions Giving him more AP * Stacks Giving AP * Is Squishy and reasonable to deal with in game. Draven: Stacks from Q Passive Cashes in on his Kills for More Gold. * More Stacks more Gold given * If Draven Dies, Loses Stacks * Draven being AD Carry makes him to be squishy and reasonable to deal with to an extent Now Point is there is no realistic counter play when playing vs Nasus if he just stacks and able to recovered after being pummeled in the early game. Solution: Nasus upon his death will lose Percentage of his Stacks, since the Champion can become quite difficult to deal with specially if it takes all 5 Champion on opposing team to take him down.. an Nasus can with 1 Q can potentially 1 shot a Mid Laner, AD Carry, Support, Maybe Jungler or Top depending which champion it is.. I bring this up, cause eventually all counters become skill match ups to an certain point as it is Season 9 the game been out for long while now and eventually Counters don't seem like Counters as much anymore to an certain extent.. example Teemo can only do so much before Teemo becomes irrelevant vs Nasus and the same can be said about any other match up vs Nasus. Also, like Veigar and Draven they have a more of a Risk then what Nasus has.. Veigar being Squishy Easy to Blow up Draven if he dies, he loses stacks toward that juicy Gold Payout These are just my opinions You can flame me You can Call me an idiot But don't get mad when Nasus just stacks to win and becomes a Raid Boss. {{champion:103}} {{champion:76}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:22}} {{champion:37}} {{sticker:poppy-wink}}
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