This game makes me cry

Welp I'm not the most stable person honestly but never thought a game would make me cry I always try my best so hard, because I really want to climb in this game. Currently i'm on a 62% winrate with 90 ranked games because I give everything I have every game - and try to improve and look back at my mistakes. But if you get 3,4,5,6 trolling people in your matches who just ruin your rank on purpose - or say the most horrific things and then intentionnaly feed. It sometimes make me nearly cry. Why can't we just have only players who actually want to win - and who are not here to ruin the experience of other people ? I don't mind losing if everyone tried their best. Sure people can have bad games. I have bad games too where everything just goes wrong. But if people die once at minute 5, then say 'game over I go troll sur 15' then I just feel so sad.
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