Maybe sometimes you join a cursed queue with the same enemies to stomp your "bad" team Proof.

So yesterday, i was in a champ select on my other account and my main was taken from me and they selected trynd, velkoz, and vayne/thresh. So i did not want to deal with that cancer, i "dodged" phew! But its not over yet!! ------5 minutes later, i rejoin the queue and when i am matched guess who i am against? trynd, velkoz, and vayne, also my main was taken the same way. This is a silver queue btw so it does not take 6 minutes to join a champ select. What does this show me? 1. they closed queue and waited 5 min to join because they are working for riot or something against me. 2. the game lost all its players in the 5 min i was off the queue.(unlikely) 3. They are setup by riot to stop me from climbing and dodging the queue will still get them against me. I know its annoying!!! How is this possible unless this whole game is rigged??? Silver elo, same picks on the enemies all of them. 5 minutes later after i dodge. What am i missing? Think about it. The omg smurf demotivation crew just setup by riot and i'd get them no matter what? Well that actually makes me more motivated because i know its just sham!!!
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