You think these Wukong buffs will make-up for the D.B nerfs?

Games are shorter, and you know that "Q" will be maxed 3rd, and since the game is all about snowballing, guess who's gonna snowball less after you apply those changes? im not saying the changes are bad, they are NECESSARY to keep the champ alive since you forced him to be {{item:3147}} dependent. otherwise, {{champion:62}} would never be touched at all, but still, he's gonna perform even worse when the changes go live. It's a good lategame buff, but it's just to balance the equation of the lost damage from D.B which was needed to deal with all the healing and shields your precious ADCs receive. You know what's frustrating? although I play {{champion:64}} from time to time, it's just unfair he's getting damage buffs because he lost the ability to wardhop. Funny how you're giving him the {{champion:157}} treatment, post the Runes update your "statistics" showed they're performing "poorly" than they used to be. No they're not, it's just the fact that the some of the NEW RUNES worked so well on certain champs that they became more pick worthy since they're easier to play, and if you check you'll know what I'm talking about. Tanks dealing tons of damage 100-0 you while you not being able to move *cough* {{champion:113}} {{champion:154}} and bring a lot to the table with their unlimited CC. so the real reason {{champion:64}} is getting buffed is not because he's performing poorly, no, it's because you're trying to put him in the same tier as those god-tier junglers that are easier to play. Why? *proplay and pick ratio*. Meanwhile {{champion:62}} is rarely picked top, and if you check you'll see he's in the {{champion:43}} {{champion:30}} {{champion:133}} {{champion:82}} same tier as those champions, but with a worse win ratio expect if compared to {{champion:133}} which is getting semi-reworked next patch "congratz btw". You won't be able to fix Wu unless you change that useless passive in his kit. but in order to achieve that, the champ gotta "sell". too bad.

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