Resolve rune tree "Durability and crowd control", seems to do more damage than both of those traits

The Resolve tree does too much damage IMO and as a tank this is the only rune tree you can pick. Anyone remember 2016 Resolve masteries? You could pick armor, HP, damage reduction, HP regen, tenacity, you also had a mastery called Stoneborn which benefits both you and allies....this is the durability and crowd control tree. The runes reforged resolve tree has a very limited choice. Almost every tank can only pick grasp which does a lot of damage. Then in the second row you have 'font of life' which doesn't help in lane and is also weak, so you again have to pick between 2 damage runes, shield bash or demolish. These already are 2 damage runes that give little to no durability. In the third and forth row you got weak stacking runes. The new Resolve rune tree gives lots of damage but little durability....this doesn't fit with the description. The 'Precision' rune tree gives more durability and I'm not joking.
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