The toxicity has gotten way too out of control

I'm a psychology major in College and I understand the basis behind it. You're an anonymous person, behind a screen. You have this mask, and no one can harm you. There's no real threat behind your actions ( besides a banned account). Since there is no real world backlash this type of toxic behavior is running rampant. If a player performs badly , they get berated and attacked infinitely. And the people know they can do this, they know you don't know who they are, they know that they can make a new account. With this in mind they do it over and over and over again. What I want to figure out is why? Everyone has bad games including the toxic person who then blames the whole world instead of themselves. You have to realize this is a GAME. A TEAM game. Yelling and attacking people for their race, gender, and even just having a bad game is not ok. Attacking them does nothing at all to help the game. If someone is feeding and is just having a terrible time, help them, work with them , tell them how they can improve during the game. Do not attack people, this is not a place to feed your precious narcissistic ego. There is always someone better than you and there is always someone worse than you. All I ask is, work together, help each other. And players who are getting attacked by these toxic players, Please just mute them. The first instance they start attacking just mute them. It will help your mind be at ease and you can focus. Instead of the game turning into a 4v6 because the toxic person is attacking you too.
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