THE Hidden OP Broken Support

"Mages are the rage" Or so i've heard, but there is ONE champion that is frankly way too strong and needs his kit gutted into the dumpster; {{champion:111}} *Hook range comparable to Blitz *So tanky he can soak towers for bullshit easy double kills at zero cost or risk *Ult range might as well be infinite since once it's cast it basically an auto attack with how far it follows and the ult knocks up everything between him and the target making this in reality on par with Malphite or Amumu ults when cast I could go on, but he's just ridiculous. There is simply no window to really hurt him back or make him think twice. Complete face roll champion that requires no skill to play and has all the benefits. Nerf his tankiness, his hook range, or ult range. Full stop.
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