Hyper carries died and we didn’t notice but it sucks

Gp vayne nasus Veigar kassadin twitch azir Jax These are the champs that were favorites of mine even if I didn’t play them because it was all about reward. Survive, take over. That’s gone Gangplanks barrel rework and the later changes turned him into a mid game carry and now he’s still good even at lvl3. His 2 fame passives, while still a focus for good gp players, take a back seat to just killing the enemy laner klepto poking them to death. I’m a 1 mil gp player and the barrel change made me look at other champs and klepto killed gp for me. Nasus can 1v1 most top landers at 6 and win. It’s not about stacks, it’s about working around his ult. If you can beat him early freeze the wave under your tower sure, but low elo his good early-mid and falls off late cause he can’t get to the carries. Somebuilds change this a bit I know Jax has a good late game if you can zone him but his early game isn’t exactly bad. One good trade or kill can win him, not his team just him, the game. Kayle btw is a mess rn that I’m not going to try to excuse Vayne isn’t about flooring tanks she’s about staying alive and outplaying dive attempts Azir and Kass actually seem to hold on pretty well. Kassadin is the only true hyper I still consider tho. Azirs early poke is monstrous Veigars r means he can one combo you after 15 minutes (no that’s not late game sorry) And twitch depends on the meta Honorable mention to kog, not in meta but actually does a good job of just don’t die till 30 and then win. As a late game minded person I hate this. I have no fear early and no fun late. Expect for kass the fantasy is dead and I’m not much into his theme. I wish riot would bring back that season 5-6 sense of the game that was so enjoyable. Right now I just don’t enjoy the game like I use to Sincerely A Gold 1 thug (for elo references)

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