Resolve is such a trash secondary outside of like 3 runes

Demolish, BP and Second Wind. Those are your real options and two are in the same tree. Its so bad that I don't even want to take it on juggernauts anymore; any game I can get away with it I would rather take Precision or Inspiration secondary. Even on champions like Volibear or Mundo it feels better to have the Chase potential of Approach Velocity and the biscuits/hexflash than it does for nerfed Overgrowth to give me 200 HP late game when it used to give me close to 500 on the same CS. Font of Life is a non factor, so is Shield Bash (usually), Conditioning is generally out of the question since I can't often stack resists, Unflinching sucks, Revitalize doesn't even work on a third of my champions because "iT's Hp ReGeN nOt HeAlInG" and I can't even remember what the last choice is it's so irrelevant. Only thing this tree is good for is shackling tanks to it because of Aftershock and Grasp; if any other tree had a keystones that scaled for tanks I bet they would drop Resolve like a rock. Literally the only time I find this tree desirable is for tower damage. The *tank* tree is desirable for *damage*. The tree that prioritizes *survival* gives you weaker *survival* options than Precision, Domination, and Inspiration. Alright.
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