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Patch 9.24 Changes Preview: Bigger change lists in the thread. Almost final, but a few tweaks may still happen. This is the last patch of the year, but we expect to do a balance hotfix in late december (9.24b).
[](https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EKUur4RWsAAkv5H.jpg:large) _**TL;DR at the bottom!**_ In [patch 9.19](https://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/patch/patch-919-notes) you nerfed Karma’s Q ratio from 60% to 40% and claimed it was due to her toplane performance. This killed midlane Karma nearly immediately, because that's the lane that actually built considerable amounts of AP. Toplane Karma was abusing her base damages and free damage from Items like **Iceborn Gauntlet** or runes like **Shieldbash**. Unsurprisingly she survived until **Cleptomancy** was removed last patch. Now Karma is played 100% support, according to [op.gg](https://www.op.gg/champion/karma/statistics/support) However, instead of doing anything to make _Top Karma_ more healthy, to make _Mid Karma_ viable, instead of thinking about what put Karma into this sutiuation, you focus on buffing the most boring part about _Support Karma_? There is no reason why she CAN'T have her **Q** ratio back, right? If this buffs Mid Karma back into relevancy, fine.... right??? There is no way it can become suddenly too good for top Karma, since she doesn’t build that much AP anyways. And if this buffs support Karma, great! You wanna buff her anyways! Karma’s damage tends to fall off lategame, creating a rift between her early game playstyle (alternating damage and shield) and lategame playstyle (when **Q** and **W** turn into tickling excuses to vomit out more shields). If there is anything that Karma players unite (and there is not much tbh), it’s that they like flexibility and freedom of choice. They wanna choose their lane, playstyle and mantra. And you seem to want to force her into bot, mantraing only **E**, which even contradicts the fantasy implied by the recent [Phoenix Video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i1IKnWDecwA) you made. Building AP becomes increasingly unviable and the heal is both too selfish and scales with the wrong stats to be useful for Support Karma, the only Karma you apparantly support. But I don't wanna be mean or join those nay-saying conspiracy seeing cynicists who believe you straight up want to kill Karma. I believe you still care about her as a whole, so I wanna provide you with constructive suggestions for Karma's issues: > # Fixing TOPLANE Karma Tank Karma is cancer, I get it. The issue is her heal ratio, that scales WAY too well with tank items. **Spirit Visage** alone doubles her effective healing, while a full AP or support build only increase the healing by 10-20%. This. Is. Absurd. Introduce a FLAT healing that scales slightly with AP and strongly with being low HP. This keeps it an emergency heal and resistances relevant, but makes stacking health not as broken. It makes the heal a better option for midlane Karma and less abusive on toplane Karma. Your own empoyee [NeuroCat’s suggestion](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/developer-corner/TkiBEVYV-karma-gameplay-change-preview) for her passive could also help at stopping people from abusing the heal. Or mantra in general. > # Fixing MIDLANE Karma Karma’s damage is bursty and unreliable. If her **RQ** was ground targeted (think **Lux'** or **Velkoz' E**) Karma could more easily guarantee landing her damage where she intends to, instead of having it randomly blocked by indecisive minions, random clones or accidental shaco boxes. In turn, the projectile speed could be slowed, making it more fair to dodge at max range. Because dodging an ability feels better and is healthier for the game, if both player's skill is more involved than random chance. It incidentally also puts more importance and agency on the second part of **RQ**, instead of being all about the first explosion like today. Alternatively, having damage on all mantras would give Mid Karma options, instead of being forced to mantra **Q** only, to not forgo most of her damage. The bonus root on **RW** is not needed, unreliable and nearly never truly used. Shieldbomb is heavily missed. Reimplementing the damage she had would solve so many issues. > # Fix SUPPORT Karma Karma is often treated as an _enchanter_, but in actuality she only has **1** enchanting ability: her **E** shield. If her **W** allowed her to give benefits to her allies, by linking to them, she would move closer to actual enchanters (**Lulu** has **4** ways of enchanting allies). Simple resistances would naturally combo well with her shield. If they scaled with AP and gave Karma benefits too, it would motivate Toplane Karma to build AP and be functional, instead of stacking resistances and ignoring half her kit. Since it only lasts for a short time and can be interacted with, it would create windows of opportunity for opponents, that are clearly communicated. It also makes sense on a spell that wants Karma to stay in range. > # Fixing MANTRA Mantra'd abilities should scale with mantra levels, not the base spells. If mantra is supposed to be an option at all times, and not hyperscale at others, what ability you level shouldn't _as strongly_ influence this decision or turn some decisions into noob traps. There is also the notion that having mantra every 10s in lategame should be the way Karma works, but I disagree. It too makes balancing mantra close to impossible. I have seen what Karma can do with 3 _Cloud Drakes_ and _Ultimate Hunter_ and it's NOT fun for the enemies. Despite Karma generally underperforming. Having a champion be weak, but explosive during certain setups is not the way you create healthy niches. This passive ought to be kept in check, maybe the way [NeuroCat wanted it to](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/developer-corner/TkiBEVYV-karma-gameplay-change-preview), maybe by being nerfed and moved to her mantra, opening up some chances for more flavour in the passive slot. > # What Do You Think? So this is what Karma needs imho, not brainless shieldbuffs that ignore most of her identity. Do you agree? Disagree? Have ideas yourself? Let me know! >_ **TL;DR**_ _I think the upcoming Karma buff is stupid, it focuses on support Karma only The recent Q ratio nerf has gutted Mid Karma and Top Karma died with Clepto My Suggestions:_ * _**RW's** heal should scale better with AP and worse with tank stats_ * _**RQ's** needs to be less random but easier to dodge OR Karma needs all mantras to deal damage like before **5.10**_ * _Support Karma needs more options to support her team, resistances on **W** could provide that!_ * _Mantra effects should mainly scale with mantra, not basic spells._ * _Passive should be either be nerfed & moved to Ult OR be adapted like **RiotNeuroCat** proposed._
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