Why exactly does Urgot get to be as disgustingly broken as he is.

So here i was, trying to play riven in my latest ranked game, trying to climb with a champion i am fairly new to but still well trained in using, and someone picks urgot into me, I imediatly think " yhe i can't beat that" so i try to last hit and play extremly safe so i can atleast make it out of early game whitout dying, i hit lvl 3 and we're at abt equal cs, he is pushing into my tower and my jungler pings me to go in for a gank, i go in and dodge his e and q, " great, we get to easily kill him now" i think, he then proceeds to use w and kill me in about 5 seconds while my jngl nocturne is helplessly trying to kill the tanky monster dealing 1/4 my hp per auto attack. This basicly repeats itself all game, my jngl eventually stopped ganking because after rushing a sunfire cape he could quite literally 2v1 us while staying above half hp even tho i was only 10 cs behind and my nocturne was 3/1 with a finished jngl item. Eventually he's so ridiculously strong he can dive me, miss his e, tank my full animation cancelled combo and 100 to 0 me while still getting out alive. After going 3/0, which is in itself a miracle because i managed to only die 3 times to this fucking monster that by now had a 50 cs lead on me since i could not walk up for cs whitout getting 100 to 0'd by an unkillable full tank machine whitout a single damage item, even tho i consistently dodged his e and q and blocked all auto atack harras whit my e, this urgot procceds to roam mid where he roles down the lane with his team, destroying my 4/0 adc and taking all the damage anyone even tried to throw his way. He then ends the game 6/0, completly impossible to kill in any stage of the game, absolutly above everyone in tankyness and damage whitout even having to land most of his skills. Now explain to me how this is fair, i did my absolute best at controlling him, i did everything to not feed him early until he eventually just started to dive me and 100 to 0 me, i kept my cs as equal to him as humanly possible while dying as little as possible and if i dared to ask my jungle for help we could easily be 2v1'd whitout question. Explain to me why this champion gets to do this, why does he get to miss all his abilities, flash into nothing, overall play like garbage and then press the w button and start dealing the triple of my fed adc's damage while building full tank whitout a single damage item. Call me salty, call me a cry baby i don't care, but please for the love of god explain to me why urgot gets to be in this absurd state of being impossible to fight unless you specifically counterpick him, yhe i could play fiora or darius and have an easier time fighting him, but i shouldn't be forced to play certain champions to have a chance to win, because it didn't matter how well i played that game, i wsa going to lose no matter what i did and what do i do if urgot gets picked after me ? just accept the loss if i didn't counterpick him ? explain to me how that makes any sense, because it doesn't make any fucking sense to me.
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