League needs a remake.

Well, the Boards from all regions are full of posts saying that they´re experiecing issues with the game optimization. Massive FPS drops, freezes and the most annoying one: Stuck on loading screen. This will only get worse from now. If Riot keeps adding content and more content to the game without realising that the programms that they´re using to run this game are from 2009, League will become unplayable for 80%(or more) of its playerbase. Riot needs to remake League from the very begining, this time, with updated programms. To have an idea, League uses Directx9! It´s an extremely outdated tool and I bet that League is the only game that still uses it. Someone at Riot, please listen to us, you can´t just ignore what´s happening! League´s playerbase will start dropping in the next patches if this remains unfixed, and yes, it can be fixed, but only for a couple of months or even weeks. The only solution that will definitely solve this problem is remaking all the game using recent programms. I know that this isn´t easy, it will take work and it will take time, but what is better here? League losing playerbase every patch because it is completely outdated, or remaking it on a brand new engine and all this problems will be gone? Think on that Riot.
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