Why league doesn't feel as alive as it used to

Going from season 3 to now there have been an incredible amount of changers to league. To me, personally, the biggest difference is the feeling. When I first opened up my league client and started that first match on the rift some of my first thoughts where "Wow this place is alive and kicking". Everything about it felt alive and unique. I remember how some of the jungle camps felt like actual living things. My favorite was how a camp had a cooking pot (cant remember what camp exactly) and it just made the world feel so alive and interactive. The tinniest things where so immersing to the game. Another thing was the tribunal. Why did RIOT have to get rid of them and the summoners. It felt like they took the role away from the player. It went from these specially selected champions fighting it in the fields of justice for either victory or defeat since the league was made to minimize war and conflict. It just had that special feeling over it, that every fight meant something in the world. Even if it meant a village was protected or completely destroyed, it was a nice factor that help made the game something the player could delve into and really put meaning behind them playing, not just for senseless killing, which is how I feel has became, but for something worth more then our selves. The old league in my opinion was more enjoyable then the current, not because of the champions or items, but for the story telling purpose and more of the immersive factor those tiny little things gave us. RIOT if you ever could. At least give us the tribunal back. I'd hate to see this game go into just a slaughterfest like fortnite. Give us back a reason to fight in the league and not just to see how many kills we can get.
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