Rageblade and SoJ are unfun to play against and break champions

I feel like before rageblade/SoJ, a lot of champions that are currently stupid af had reasonable counterplay. Like for example: before rageblade, Vayne did like 80%+ physical damage - so while she excelled at tank shredding, building armour & AS reduction was still optimal. Now? She will tear through your bootyhole regardless of what you build/try to build. I remember a late game Jax was _strong_, but if you flashed his counterstrike or something, he had a reasonable window to be punished. Now with SoJ he just covers up all his weaknesses. Rageblade/SoJ make late game champions absolutely unstoppable in the late game. Whereas before they were just _better_ late game. Also 4 out of 5 players are not laning against Jax. So "punish him in lane" is stupid counterplay before they become 1v5 machines.
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