Unpopular Opinion: Keep Zz'rot Portal

This is my first unpopular opinion post so hear me out. I don't see a lot of people talking about this, but... I really like the Zz'rot portal item {{item:3512}} . In the past I liked Banner of Command, and I get it, a split push item that goes down the lane by itself is hard to balance. However, since then Banner has been removed and Zz'rot was nerfed to only work close to the area it's pushing (it doesn't go the same distance as before). Portal also asks that you have a high amount of max health to convert to voidling damage so it's not something just anyone would build to begin with so you will never see 3-4 people on a team building these. What it DOES do however, and why I think it should stay in the game, is it gives tanks and supports an option to help push out waves and split push. That's not going to happen every game of course, but there will be games where the enemy just has a better team fighting comp than ours and the best secondary option to win is to place strategic Zz'rot portals. At the very least maybe if we can pull off one good team fight and drop a Zz'rot we can get through to an inhibitor. Even in a regular game it can be a nice way to help push down a tower after a gank. Nunu for example gets a lot of benefit out of portals. The move speed helps him gank, he gets tank stats from it, then he can use the portal with his passive empowering his laner to force down the tower afterwards. There doesn't seem to be any value in taking the item away, but it does add another strategic niche to the game and functions well as an item with both magic resist and armor on it plus a bit of move speed (a lot of people forget you can drop the Zz'rot itself to give you move speed towards it). Am I the only one who feels this way?
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